PawnsNew EP “Pawns” is now available!

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I’m proud to announce the release of my 4th album “Pawns”. For those of you who have been following my progress, you know that this album has been a long time coming. It has 6 new songs, one of which (“Eye of the Hurricane”) received an Honorable Mention in the 2015 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition. You can listen to long samples of the songs in the pre-release video by clicking the album art photo to the right. I’m planning on releasing music videos as soon as possible, but my current focus is on the national interviews I’m doing each week listed in the Upcoming Appearances widget below. Do, please, feel free to reach out and connect with me on social media (links below). Thank you!  -Matt Fitzgibbons

Patriotic MusicMatt Fitzgibbons is a multi-award-winning songwriter, philosopher and historian. Since 2004, he’s been writing nonpartisan music that celebrate America’s Founding Principles and the men and women who defend them. He believes that the simple, but timeless ideas espoused in our founding documents (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) coupled with a knowledge of history, are the key to reclaiming our Republic’s place as the beacon of individual liberty. Through award-winning music, videos, writings, interviews, radio shows, and live performances, Matt’s goal is to inspire people to want to think and learn about freedom, and to discover the tools we already have at our disposal to secure it. We hope you’ll join us.

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