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PatriotMusic.com LogoPatriotMusic.com was founded in 2005 to celebrate the United States’ founding principles and the men and women who defend them. These ideals include individual liberty, personal responsibility and tolerance. They are the simple but timeless ideas espoused in America’s founding documents  (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights). Along with a genuine knowledge of history, these principles are the key to reclaiming our Republic’s place as the beacon of individual liberty.

Through award-winning music, videos, articles, interviews, and live performances, our goal is to inspire individuals of all walks of life to think deeply about freedom and to utilize the tools we already have at our disposal to secure it for all Americans.

“Give Me Liberty!” (Track #5 from “Pawns” with Intro)

“Give Me Liberty!” is a music video from track #5 from the EP “Pawns” and includes an introduction about why Patrick Henry gave his famous speech in 1775. (The music video begins at 6:00)

“Angels in White” (The Nurses’ Song)

I am proud to announce the release of my latest single “Angels in White”. This song and video celebrates nurses and all that they do for us. It is dedicated to the memory of Susan Carol Bolack Sulier, L.P.N.

In August of 2019, I wrote this song for a friend as a memorial to his wife who had lost her battle with cancer the year before. I wanted to celebrate both her life and to thank all nurses for what they do. I don’t believe in coincidences, but the number of synchronicities that occurred throughout the creation of this song are too many to count. (More here about “Angels in White” … where to stream, lyrics, photos, etc..

Here’s a Spotify playlist of my own personal favorite songs!

“A Word from Home”

“A Word from Home” is a thank you to all servicemen and women at home and abroad from a letter written by Susan Carol Bolack Sulier at an unknown time in the past. It was found between the pages of a cookbook by her husband Tom after her passing.

Read by Della White; Direction, production, video, imagery and original music by Matt Fitzgibbons with additional images by Randy Weaver. I’d also like to offer special thanks to Michael and Desiree Weaver for graciously allowing the use of the photo of his return from Iraq in 2002.

“Why the United States Constitution is Still Relevant”

Winner of the “We the Future 2016 Best Short Film (25 and up) Video Competition” on Why the United States Constitution is Still Relevant.

At the time, I was writing weekly articles on the historical parallels of current events for national publications. I wrote one on exactly this subject for release on a Monday and read on Thursday that the organization Constituting America was holding a video contest with submissions due three days later. I quickly converted my article into a script and began filming the next day. To my surprise, I was notified a few weeks later that I had won. The coincidence of all of the events that transpired still amaze me.

“Remember the Americans” & “Taps”

One of my main missions since I started PatriotMusic.com has been to acknowledge the sacrifices of our republic’s servicemen, servicewomen and veterans. “Remember the Americans” tells the fictional story of an American family’s experiences serving in U.S. military conflicts from WWI to the present day.

“The video for “Remember the Americans” is age-restricted and available here. It features a collection of rarely-seen photos I scanned at the Library of Congress, just outside Washington D.C.. I had the privilege of spending several days pouring through thousands of photographs with my father (who was a history major) to find forgotten images that could compliment the song lyrics while reminding Americans the price of freedom.

“Taps” is my own version of the iconic military piece that both honors our fallen and signals lights-out.

“Taps” was written by U.S. General Daniel Butterfield in 1862 while recuperating after the Seven Days Battles outside Richmond, VA. The song itself is recognized the world-over as both quintessentially American and hauntingly beautiful. In my version, I use a 6-string for guitar harmonics, single notes on a harmonica, and a 12-string guitar as a backing track to maintain a respectful and distinctly American feel to a song that means so much to so many. This is the only song I have ever recorded which I did not write.

The images in this video focus on the many military cemeteries and memorials throughout our nation and represent the long history of American servicemen and women paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Note: Two other songs I’ve written for our veterans and armed servicemen and women which have videos are “For the Heroes” and “I’ll See You Again“.

“Interview Compilation”

This video is a compilation of interviews I have done over the past few years ranging from 2007 to 2017 and includes a few of the T.V., radio, and podcasts I’ve done around the country. It includes sections of interviews with Tom Monahan (3-Time Emmy Award Winner), WTNH (CT Style), Michael Dukes (KBYR Alaska), Dr. Carole Lieberman (Nationally-syndicated), and Erskine Overnight (nationally-syndicated). It summarizes my beliefs and explains my overall goals. Musical performances have been removed to avoid copyright concerns, though some are available as videos on my YouTube channel. Some of the many other interviews I’ve done nationally are available on the Press page. To interview me for your show or to have me perform at a venue or on-air, please contact me.


“Eye of the Hurricane”, the 1st track of my 4th album “Pawns”, received an Honorable Mention in the 2015 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition and all others have received national airplay. A video compilation with samples is available here, CDs here and digital downloads are available at your favorite online music stores including: SpotifyiTunes, Google Play and Amazon.”
-Matt Fitzgibbons

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