A Tonic For the Election Blues

©7-2016 Matt Fitzgibbons, PatriotMusic.com

donald-trumpIn these last 100 days of the 2016 Presidential Election, Americans will be bombarded with a constant cacophony of emotional toxicity. Whenever a radio, computer or television is on and nearby, we will hear and see heavily financed attempts to influence our actions on Election Day, and the vast majority of it will be negative. Talking heads will go on angry tirades, panelists will walk over each other’s arguments, editorialists will lie, our programs will be interrupted with carefully designed commercials to manipulate our emotions, and the news will be filled with stories of horrible things people are doing to one another both at home and abroad. For those of us seeking sanctuary from the chaos, there will be few places to hide.  However, through this black fog one can find respite by consciously distinguishing between what IS happening to us versus what we fear MIGHT happen to us.

It is true that the United States are in serious decline. With a debt in excess of $20,000,000,000, which amounts to roughly $60,000 per person or $155,000 per household, we are broke. On the other hand, we are not alone. Every nation of influence is interconnected and equally dependant on this system of fiat currency whether voluntarily or not.  As the world continues to fall into disarray, the U.S. dollar is still the reserve currency, and for good reason. No other more reliable option exists. No nation or group of nations could devalue the dollar without committing financial suicide, at least not in the immediate future.

wireWe continue to publically fund educational institutions which resemble prisons more than schools and propaganda centers more than universities. They churn out too many mindless, parasitic drones who know little or nothing of history and have few, if any, marketable skills. Meanwhile, the cost of attending them continues to rise. On the other hand, young Americans are more skilled in using technology and have instant access to more information than at any other time in history. Among them are some impressive young Americans who will continue the rugged spirit of individualism that has always defined us. One might find the cure for cancer, or be the first human on Mars, or perhaps become an honorable statesman or women like those in our past who found a way to unite a once deeply divided people. They are there. They’re just not ripe yet.

The nations from whom we have the most to fear have benefitted tremendously from two terms of a weak and incompetent Executive branch. Our military has been gutted. Many of our best generals have been forced out. Troop numbers, critical equipment and supplies are at dangerously low levels. However, we are still the most powerful military in human history. Technologically, no other nation is even close. After years of war in the middle east, a high percentage of our armed service men and women, and an even larger number of veterans, have combat experience. Our potential is formidable. Few of our adversaries can say the same.

statue-of-libertyThe number of immigrants, both legal and illegal is unknown as millions pour through our borders and our Federal government turns a blind eye. The left wants the votes and the right wants the cheap labor for whom paying the increasing list of expensive entitlements for documented citizens is cost prohibitive. Some are issued drivers licenses and injure or kill Americans while driving uninsured. Some commit heinous crimes and disappear back into the anonymous void of their ethnic communities. Many avoid deportation by failing to appear for immigration hearings and others simply reenter after being deported. In 2017, they will begin to receive Social Security payments in addition to free education, reduced tuition, free emergency medical services and the many other benefits that come from being immune to taxes. Some even vote. But among these individuals are some who truly love the spirit of liberty, equality in the eyes of justice and our Republic itself. Some serve in the military and will even give their lives for what they, themselves do not yet have. We should also remember that because so many souls from so many places are still willing to risk so much to both themselves and their loved ones for a chance to live here, it should serve as a reminder of how much better life is here even in the shadows than it is legally in much of the world.

hopeAs we are bombarded with negativity in the coming weeks, we will be annoyed, insulted and even sickened, but we must not allow ourselves to be discouraged personally or nationally. Not only is this a natural result of free speech in a Republic which chooses its government, it is confirmation that we are a resource-rich nation where it still makes financial sense to spend billions of dollars trying to influence our votes. And for each national failure, for each frightening statistic, for each depressing news story, there is at its core a counter argument, a tonic for the election blues. Not only could things get a lot worse, we still lay claim to the greatest resource the world has known: the American people.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “You can always count on America to do the right thing… after she has exhausted every other option.”

-Matt Fitzgibbons, PatriotMusic.com
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