About Co-host Toni Slate

Toni Slate

Slate Agency searches for and promotes talented performers and creative artists through Socials, Radio Advertising, Interviews, Articles and Video Commercials.

Toni Slate is the Founder of Slate Agency and is currently working on obtaining Talent/Booking Agent status/certification.

Artistic with creative writing, storytelling, designing, digital technology, dancing, arts and crafts, painting, and drawing.

Toni is entrepreneurial with the day-to-day tasks in addition to constructing systems, procedures, and campaigns for her advertising agency.

Skills include talent assessment, promotion, advertising, networking, connecting, planning, organizing, and coordinating.

Interests include time management, goal-setting, commerce, entertainment, economy, strategy, solutions, health, fitness, nature, science, physics, metaphysics and creative expression.

Projects include Radio Host for Patriot Pub —patriotmusic.com/patriot-pub-livecast and Marketing Manager for USA Emergency Broadcasting Network —usaebn.org.

Toni Slate: Talent Scout

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