About Dan Keeler

Dan is an unwavering supporter of States’ rights and the autonomy intended by the U.S. Constitution. He believes the greatest lobby for change should be people voting with their feet rather than obscenely paid professional career Washington lobbyists with ‘sweetheart deals’ for personal gain.

Dan is an outspoken advocate of the free-market process and particularly identifies with Hayekian Economics. He has a steadfast belief in smaller government as a crucial component to long-term economic prosperity.

Dan Keeler is a true entrepreneur. He started his own business when he was 19 and never looked back. His consulting gigs have ranged from all angles of commercial catalog production for globally-recognized brands to Commercial Mortgage Lending, with a specialty in private money. He’s multi-lingual and has lived overseas, managing all aspects of multi-million-dollar resort construction projects, among other interesting experiences.