PatriotMusic.com started in 2004 with the marriage of Matt Fitzgibbons’ three passions: Writing music, political philosophy and history. It’s about award-winning, patriotic songs that celebrates Matt-Fitzgibbons-Small2the best of America and inspires people to think, learn, and talk about individual liberty and how to secure it. We’re interested in good music, reason and history, not angry red versus blue arguments.

With four CDs, singles, multiple awards, live performances, interviews on TV, radio, podcasts and newspapers, original videos, and online shows, PatriotMusic.com has reached millions of people around the world. Long before politicians starting “rediscovering” the Constitution, we’ve been at the forefront, leading the way, always years ahead of the public discourse, spreading the word that we already have the tools at our disposal to fix this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, and finding positive, creative ways to help secure our natural rights.

When was the last time you read The Declaration of Independence or The Bill of Rights? They only take a few minutes, but you’ll be glad you did!

Join us and help spread the world.

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Rich Roger

Rich Roger
Rich Roger playing at his guitar clinic at Sam Ash, New Haven, CT

In 2008, Patriot 2 was being mastered by Gary Fulton at Wager Studios in Roxbury, CT.  Rich was a gun-for-hire for them playing guitar for multiple artists as well as having many of his Sam Ash Guitar Clinic backing tracks prepared . Knowing both Rich and Matt Fitzgibbons, Gary Fulton suggested that Rich and he meet. He thought that Rich’s guitaring would add modernity and technical sophistication to the overall sound. And he was right. Beyond style and tone, Rich was already a multi-award winning artist with many gear endorsements and years of experience both in the studio and on the road, playing internationally. Musically, he brings far more than guitar, though that alone is impressive.

Rich’s vast experience working on his own CDs as well as others gave him a host of expertise in sophisticated recording techniques,  cutting-edge arrangements styles, and overall knowledge in the music industry. Musically, the two meshed (with the “Rain’s Coming” being the first song of Matt’s songs that they worked on together), but what sealed the deal was their shared passion for America’s founding principles. Rich’s mother and father had lived under both the Nazis and Soviets in Poland so he grew up (in the New York city area) with a deep appreciation for liberty, especially since his parents had spent much of their lives without it.

For more information about Rich Roger, his music, awards, videos, gear, appearances, etc., visit RichRoger.com.

AJ Sorensen

AJ Sorensen
AJ Sorensen

AJ Sorensen is the owner of Sure Sound, a recording studio built around creating “THE” studio experience. We even build some of our own gear such as the Universal Audio Rev A 1176 “Bluey ” copy and one of a kind microphones. We use tube amps, real drums and mic the source whenever possible!

AJ began his music journey at the age of 4, he has over 25 years experience in music and over a decade of experience in professional recording studios.

For more information, please visit www.SureSoundRecording.com