PatriotMusic.com started in 2004 with the marriage of Matt Fitzgibbons’ three passions: Writing music, philosophy and history. It’s about award-winning, patriotic songs that celebrates Matt-Fitzgibbons-Small2the best of America and inspires people to think, learn, and talk about individual liberty and how to secure it.

With four CDs, singles, multiple awards, live performances, interviews on TV, radio, podcasts and newspapers, original videos, and online shows, PatriotMusic.com has reached millions of people around the world. Long before politicians starting “rediscovering” the Constitution, we’ve been at the forefront, leading the way, always years ahead of the public discourse, spreading the word that we already have the tools at our disposal to fix this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, and finding positive, creative ways to help secure our natural rights while celebrating those who represent our very best.

When was the last time you read The Declaration of Independence or The Bill of Rights? They only take a few minutes, but you’ll be glad you did!

Join us and help spread the world.

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