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The Devil in the Details of the Music Modernization Act

Recently, members of Congress reportedly came to a handshake agreement that has brought the Music Modernization Act one step closer to passage. By all accounts, the MMA is the first comprehensive legislation in decades to reform music copyrights.

A rare coalition of music industry professionals, including performing rights organizations, terrestrial radio, digital streaming services, tech companies and publishers, supports the bill. While rarely agreeing on anything, these disparate groups have determined it’s good for songwriters, a step in the right direction, and born of good intentions.
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No Good Reason to Bring Down the International Space Station

AstrophotographyThe Roman Empire is still amazing, simply because of how much of the ancient civilization remains. The Coliseum, aqueducts, and hundreds of miles of roads are still standing more than 1,500 years after the glory of Rome was replaced by tribal leadership.

But there’s a reason people call the 1,000 years or so after the fall of Rome the European “Dark Ages.” Roman rule was replaced by anarchy. People simply forgot the importance of science and engineering. (Read More…)


Amazon has Come to the Swamp

At George Washington’s inauguration in April of 1789, New York was our new Republic’s capital. Less than a year later, a deal was struck by Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton to move the capital to the mouth of the Potomac. The North would benefit by having Congress assume the States’ debts, and the South would have a capital closer to home.

The only problem was, this new capital would be built on a parasite-infested swamp. It still is. Five years earlier in a letter, George Washington had applauded the region for farming as it “contains an inexhaustible supply of manure.” It still does. (Read More…)

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Sessions’ Justice Department Must Protect Songwriters

Jeff SessionsIn February 1787, after winning a long and bloody war against the most powerful military of the time, the American Citizenry sent their 55 delegates back to Philadelphia to fix the Articles of Confederation, our first, and by all accounts, miserable excuse for a constitution.

After four hot and humid months of arguing, they drew the curtains, locked the doors and threw it away, eventually creating our U.S. Constitution. (Read More…)

Restoring Freedom: Now or Never (And how to do it)

Big government has been crushing the United States for the past two decades. The last 8 years in particular signaled a potentially irreversible slide towards socialism and permanent debt. In typical American fashion, in the 11th hour, the citizenry acted by purging the Presidency and Congress of embedded insiders by handing the reigns to (hopefully) anti-establishment Republicans. Now, for the first time in many decades, there is a real opportunity to improve the state of liberty for all Americans. But to do so, it is essential that we understand what has gone wrong and why. The good news is: It’s really quite simple. (Read More…)

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Presidential Communication: A Brief History
Since George Washington was inaugurated in 1789, the way our Presidents have communicated with the citizenry has changed dramatically. As a surveyor in western Virginia, member of the House of Burgesses and Continental Congress, Commander of the Continental Army, President of the Constitutional Convention and later, first President of the United States, Washington was an expert traveler. But even he averaged only about 5 miles per hour by horse. This, of course, did not account for the official greetings, state dinners, military honors and general fanfare that accompanied him wherever he went, particularly in his later years. Even so, only a small percentage of adoring Americans ever had the honor of hearing his voice. (Read More…)

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A Return to the Rule of Law

justiceIf there’s one thing that Americans find intolerable; it’s the blatant disregard for the rule of law, especially by government. As the Supreme Law of the Land, it must begin with the application of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all 27 Amendments as they were intended, not subverted activist judges to suit their Utopian dreams.

For almost two and a half centuries, as nations around the world came and went, except on rare occasion such as our Civil War, people across the globe would watch with awe and envy the peaceful transfer of power in the United States.  (Read More…)

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Eliminate the Electoral College if You Hate Minorities!

american-flagIn the wake of Donald J. Trump’s historic election to the Presidency, the political left has again picked up the rallying cry demanding the elimination of the Electoral College. In the 228 years since 1788, the United States have held 56 Presidential Elections. In four of these, the winner did not secure the popular vote. This fact, however, has not stopped thousands of Leftists from protesting and rioting in cities and college campuses around the country in anticipation of another instance. Emotions aside, here are the historical facts: (Read More…)

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Election Fraud: Nothing to See Here!

voteGoogle “Voter Fraud” and notice how many articles are listed by left-wing “news organizations” citing so-called experts saying that it is “rare”, “overblown”, or as the Huffington Post declares, “consistent since 2000”. The same is true for other, similar search terms on Google such as “Voter Fraud Cases” and “History of Voter Fraud”.

If I lived in a cave, and only had Google to keep me company, I might believe it… but I don’t. I read and I know of the many claims that Google regularly (Read More…)

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Why Should Anyone Trust the Election Results?

There is a consensus among corporate media on both the right and the left that Donald Trump made a huge mistake in the third Presidential Debate by not agreeing to accept the results of the election.

Chris Wallace: “Do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely — sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election?” (Read More…)

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Globalism is the Single Greatest Threat to the United States


In West Palm Beach, Donald Trump gave a momentous speech warning about the dangers of globalism and Hillary Clinton’s dedication to it. This was one of the most powerful speeches he’s given to date because for the first time since Eisenhower’s “Industrial Military Complex” exit speech in 1961, a powerful public figure overtly warned Americans about existing forces within our own government that threaten our liberty. (Read More…)

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Woulda Coulda Shoulda: Trump’s Lackluster Debate Performance


For many months we’ve heard and read politicians, so-called journalists and pundits alike espouse their belief that Donald J. Trump is not really a Republican. They question his commitment to Conservative ideals at every turn, perhaps uncomfortable with the prospect of a President who does not tow the party line, perhaps concerned that a true political outsider will dismantle the feeding trough of the American trust which has enabled them to become fat and comfortable. (Read More…)

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Defining a Candidates “History” in the Debates Could Determine the Outcome

History is the best tool we have to estimate how the candidates are likely to act if elected President and what we can expect from their adminstration. In the Presidential Debates, it will be the goal of each candidate to turn both their own history into a selling point and their opponent’s history into a liability… or for big points, fear. (Read More…)

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Control the Language, Control the Masses

Over time, words take on new connotations at first, and then eventually entirely new denotations. This is not only the nature of language but the history of English.

Consider, for example, the use of the word “certain” in the Declaration of Independence (Read More…)

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Why Should We Care About The U.S. Constitution?

After all, it’s just outdated pieces of paper with little relevance today, right?

Imagine living in a world where there was never freedom of speech, freedom of the press, there was one State religion or none at all, where random searches of your home or person could happen at any time, where you were banned from owning weapons, where your land and home could be seized at the whim of politicians, and you had no right to a trial by jury. Imagine that rights were meaningless words to be interpreted by whomever was in power and you lived as a virtual slave at the grace of an aristocracy. (Read More…)

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Our History of Banning Certain Groups from Immigrating


Throughout our history, the United States have always adapted our immigration policies to suit the times and the will of the citizenry.

Progressives have worked aggressively for decades to systematically rewrite history in support of their destructive ideologies. They must distort or ignore facts because facts lead to truth and common sense, and those are their greatest enemies. One such recent example is the claim that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is a xenophobe, a racist and an anti-immigrant bigot (Read More…)

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Are Fair Elections Even Possible In The Digital Age?

hackerThe American War for Independence signaled the beginnings of an extraordinarily bright time in the history of our species. The 13 original States unified to defeat the greatest military of the time and won the privilege of self-rule. This happened because a one-time event occurred when many of the world’s greatest political minds appeared at the same time in the same place with near-perfect, but horrible conditions. The potential reward was high enough, and the potential threat of servitude was terrible enough for the well-read, educated and fiercely independent populous to risk everything to chance a momentous leap from subject to citizen. (Read More…)

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Paying Tribute To Iran

sailing-shipRecently, the President of the United States was discovered to have secretly organized a shipment of $440 million to Iran which happened to coincide with the release of four American prisoners held in Tehran. It was paid in foreign currency, ostensibly because it is illegal to pay U.S. Dollars to Iran. At least two more Americans have since been arrested. Was it a ransom or a tribute to Iran?

For a thousand years (from the 9th to the 19th centuries) the four nation states of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, were known as the Barbary states. During this period, they were widely feared by anyone travelling by sea throughout the Western Mediterranean.  (Read More…)

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A Tonic For The Election Blues

Once-in-a-WhileIn these last 100 days of the 2016 Presidential Election, Americans will be bombarded with a constant cacophony of emotional toxicity. Whenever a radio, computer or television is on and nearby, we will hear and see heavily financed attempts to influence our actions on Election Day, and the vast majority of it will be negative. Talking heads will go on angry tirades, panelists will walk over each other’s arguments, editorialists will lie, our programs will be interrupted with carefully designed commercials to manipulate our emotions, and the news will be filled with stories of horrible things people are doing to one another both at home and abroad. For those of us seeking sanctuary from the chaos, there will be few places to hide.  However, through this black fog one can find respite by consciously distinguishing between what IS happening to us versus what we fear MIGHT happen to us. (Read More…)

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Aristocracy In America

balmoral-castleSince the mid-18th century, before there was a United States, America came to despise aristocracy and everything it stood for. Today, with fewer and fewer voters familiar with history, aristocracy has experienced resurgence by using this vacuum as a new medium in which to flourish.

After almost a century of effective isolation from their mother country, American Colonists in the mid 1700s had developed their own unique understanding of man’s relationship with government. Literacy rates in the American Colonies were among the highest in the world. (Read More…)

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License, Registration And Insurance

squad-carAs a musician, for years I’ve been accustomed to being that one, crappy car coming down the road at 2:00 a.m. after a gig or recording session and the blue lights go off behind me. I ask myself, “What did I do?” Inevitably, the heart starts racing and in my mind, I run through the last few minutes to find the reason I am being pulled over. Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s justified, sometimes I feel it’s not. But I don’t have all of the facts. What I do know is that my own Utopian view of the world would include police officers because we need them. I know history. I know reality and I’ve encountered my share of criminals and police are needed to counter them.  (Read More…)

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We Choose

Portrait_of_George_WashingtonYesterday I watched two people talking about a recent highly-publicized miscarriage of justice. While the first went through the list of crimes the public figure is getting away with because of political connections, the other slumped a bit, waved his hand and said, “They’re all corrupt. It’s always been that way.”

I beg to differ. Yes, it’s true that we Americans are living in a time when the political class is immune from the laws they write for the rest of us and both parties are systematically dismantling our inalienable rights. (Read More…)

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There is Hope with a New Anti-Federalist Movement

Patrick HenryIn the early  days of our Republic our first constitution (The Articles of Confederation) was a dismal failure. Having been essentially independent from England’s rule for many decades, it was the best that could be agreed upon at the time: a compromise. Under it, the newly formed States maintained their individual sovereignty and power. But that was it’s greatest flaw: a powerless Federal government with the inability to make States do anything, including paying the enormous costs associated with supplying an army. (Read More…)

History of the Second Amendment

Matt Fitzgibbons Patriotic SongsThe right to keep and bear arms, like all Natural Rights, has deep historical roots. There have always been, and will always be those who wish to restrict and eliminate this right. This is why history is so important. It teaches us that leaders who stand against self-defense ALWAYS have evil intentions, but that is only where it starts. Going after a free man’s right to defend himself, his family, his rights, his possessions, his town, his State and country is just the beginning. The restriction or elimination of all other rights is next… ALWAYS. (Read More…)

The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists

Both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were born out of struggle. In 1776, Americans were ruled with an iron hand that decreed the English Constitution could be interpreted by both Parliament and the King to mean what they said it meant, not what had been clearly understood for a hundred years. England claimed that American representatives could be “virtual”, meaning appointed rather than elected, and the fact that these new representatives had never even set foot in America was of no concern, so long as they voted the way the King expected them to. (Read More…)

What is a Patriot?

I get asked this question all the time, from interviewers, fans, and even people who have just heard about my music project (For a very early video of me answering this question on a TV show, click here. It’s from 2005, so it’s also only 320 x 240). My definition of a “patriot” doesn’t come straight from a dictionary, which only gives the denotation. I don’t ignore the connotation and I don’t ignore history. Frankly, most dictionaries get it about as wrong as possible. (Read More…)

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