Different in Your Eyes

©2012, Matt Fitzgibbons
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“Different in Your Eyes” ©2012, Matt Fitzgibbons (ASCAP)

She was from a Blue State clan,
taught to praise the little man,
told that unions saved the working class.

He was raised a Red State son,
to love the flag and own a gun,
warned about the greed within the mass.

They met beneath a moonlit sky,
a college party drunk and high,
and when they had degrees they said their vows.

And he, he couldn’t say when, he couldn’t say how, he couldn’t say why.
She was different in his eyes.

They built careers and had a kid,
tried to live like their parents did,
but both their parties taxed them close to death.

They learned to hate the publik skools,
watched TV making fools,
while trial lawyers looted what was left.

And she, she couldn’t say when, she couldn’t say how, she couldn’t say why
He was different in her…

I saw them years ago, a happy little cabin in the West.
They home schooled on their farm, making so much more from so much less.

And now, they can say when, they can say how, and they can say why.
They’re different in your eyes.

Matt Fitzgibbons: Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Recording
Rich Roger: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lead Guitar
A.J. Sorenson (Sure Sound Studios): Mixing & Mastering

About “Different in Your Eyes”:
“Different in Your Eyes” tells a fictional story of a modern day couple with the man having been a raised a Republican, and the woman, a Democrat. They meet, fall in love, get married, and discover that both political parties are responsible for making the American dream so hard to achieve. They choose to drop out of society and eventualy succeed in finding the happiness they sought.