I Still Believe in Her

©2012, Matt Fitzgibbons
  1. I Still Believe in Her -:-- / 04:04

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“I Still Believe in Her” ©2012, Matt Fitzgibbons (ASCAP)

Some are asking what to do
Others say that we are through
And I don’t think it’s really true
but I know we’ve lost our way.

Some believe it’s just a flaw,
a simple error that no one saw
Others like to blame the law
that keeps the truth at bay.

(J.F.K. 1957 Reading of the Declaration of Independence: Permission granted by WQXR)

Some are simply overcome.
Some are busy keeping numb.
Some are wondering where to run.
But me, I’m going to stay.

You know, I still believe in her
The future lies in what we were.
You know she’s not naïve or pure,
I’m going to fight till she’s secure.

You know I still I believe in her.
You know the Founders knew our cure.

I still I believe in her, Oh yeah!

Matt Fitzgibbons: Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Recording
Rich Roger: Electric Guitars, Lead Guitar
A.J. Sorenson (Sure Sound Studios): Mixing & Mastering
Recording of Sentaor J.F.K. reading the Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1957 : Permission granted
by WQXR/WNYC Radio
Ronald Reagan Quotation: Public Domain. Permission granted by the Ronald Reagan Library

About “I Still Believe in Her”:
“I Still Believe in Her” features a 1958 recording of then Senator JFK reading part of the Declaration
of Independence on Independence Day.