©2012, Matt Fitzgibbons
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“Whiskey” ©2012, Matt Fitzgibbons (ASCAP)

Out in the woods west of Pittsburg is home,
since my Grand Daddy’s days they’d left us alone.
We lived on the river where we made panther’s breath
till the Marshall brought death.

We had fought for your freedom from here to the East.
We cleaned out the Tories till the land was at peace.
And we picked off the Redcoats with our frontiersman aim.
Then the taxman came.

The Federalists said that they’d pay for the War
with a tax on corn whiskey distilled from us poor:
That we needed some master to keep us in awe,
so they declared Martial Law.

The farmers decided that we’d stick together.
So we covered some taxmen with tar and with feathers.
General Washington headed the army again
with 13,000 men.

So I sit here in prison while the gallows are built
and it seems that my country is feeling some guilt.
They say we’ve been pardoned now their point has been made,
But you should be afraid.

Whiskey, whiskey. Smells like rebellion to me

Whiskey, Whiskey.

Matt Fitzgibbons: Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Drums,
Rich Roger: Acoustic Guitars
A.J. Sorenson (Sure Sound Studios): Mixing & Mastering

About “Whiskey”:
“Whiskey” is about The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 when the whiskey producers in the western territories violently rebelled against Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton’s new tax under President George
Washington and the Federalist party. Washington led a massive army in the field and squashed the rebellion, eventually pardoning its leaders rather than having them hanged. The tax was repealed by
President Thomas Jefferson after his Democratic-Republican party (Republican party) came to power in 1800.

Note: In 2013, “Whiskey” won second place in an Irish songwriting contest.