Patriot 2 (2006)

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Lyrics: Patriot 2: “A Celebration of Liberty” ©2006, Matt Fitzgibbons (ASCAP)

Matt Fitzgibbons: Words, Music, Arrangement, Lead Vocals, Harmony, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Harmonica, Drums, and Recording

Jay Silverberg: Lead Guitars: Co-Writing of “The True Mark”, Harmony on “The True Mark”, & “Just A Whisper” and Bass on “Remember The Americans”.

Bernadette Fitzgibbons: Harmony on “Freedom”, & “Remember The Americans”.

Gene Calverely: Lead Guitar & Bass on “No One To Blame”.

Rosalie Fitzgibbons (Mom): Violin on “In Deo Speramus”.

To my beautiful wife for her insight, encouragement, patience, enchanting vocals, and for letting me take over the livingroom with music equipment!

Special thanks to Jay Silverberg (Rock Nurse/JJ Silver) without whom this project would not have been possible… for his friendship, dedication of heart, soul, time, energy and great wisdom; aidan & Cheryl Nolan for their friendship and valuable advice; to Chris Young, the Youngs and the Luhmans for their constant support; to Gary Fulton (Wager Studios) for his golden ears and passion; to Gene Calverely, for his friendship & finding time when there was none.

And to everyone in United States’ past and present whose support & defense of our Constitution made this possible. Thank you for my freedom!