Show #1: Veteran’s Day, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPatriot PubThe premier launch of “Patriot Pub” last night was a complete success. The idea of the show is to create a virtual, 18th-century colonial American tavern where complete strangers become friends and discuss anything and everything from philosophy to religion while sharing a drink. Afterall, the discourse in taverns from New England down to Georgia produced the American Revolution and a wave a liberty that travelled around the world. (Sounds like a working formula to me!) Our goal is to have intelligent, interesting people from completely different backgrounds seated at the same round table and see what we can achieve. This might sound risky, but, heck I believe in individuals and so does most of the U.S. since we believe in self-rule, right?

Toni Slate: Talent ScoutSo this is what happened: Toni Slate co-hosted, Tim Howard, president of AND Rich Roger of (guitarist extraordinaire and musical partner for joined us as guests. We also had a fantastic caller who served 22 years in the Army and spoke about his personal experiences and how serving helped solidify his understanding and faith in America’s founding principles.

Now I expected a couple of quick interviews and well-wishes for the new show, but everyone (except our caller) who came in stayed the duration! Let me tell you, before last night, I would never have thought it would be possible to have an unscripted, unmoderated show with 4 live people (most of whom were drinking), but it worked!

Rich-RogerToni and I have already started speaking with two wildly different, but fantastically interesting people for the next show, which we plan to do in a couple of weeks. I for one, can’t wait.

If you have any comments, ideas for the show, or would like to be on as a guest, please contact me.

See you next time!


Patriot Pub is hosted by Matt Fitzgibbons, multi-award-winning songwriter, philosopher and historian. Since 2004, he’s been writing nonpartisan music to celebrate America’s Founding Principles and the men and women who defend them. (Click here for more on Matt) Talent scout Toni Slate co-hosts and brings fascinating creatives from around the world to the round table. (Click here for more on Toni)

Join us and bring your own drink! Callers are welcome during the live show at (347) 539-5154.

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