Press, Interviews and Awards

Matt-150Below is a selection of awards, press coverage and some of the interviews Matt has done around the country, ranging from AM & FM radio, television, podcasts, newspapers and website articles. If you’re interested in having Matt on your show, in doing an interview or in having him perform live, please contact us.

Guest Hosting

Matt Fitzgibbons guest hosting The Ron Edwards American Experience

Listen to Matt Fitzgibbons guest hosting The Ron Edwards American Experience radio show:
4/4/2023: “Privacy in the Digital Age” (Guest: Todd McNutt)
4/5/2023: “How Social Media & Gaming Companies Manipulate Children” (Guest Dr. Renny Moon)
4/6/2023: “The Gold Standard and The Digital Dollar” (Guest Janice Daniels)
4/7/2023: “The Dangers of Woke A.I.”

Interviews, Press & Awards

4/21/23 The Ron Edwards American Experience: The Ron Edwards American Experience with Guest Matt Fitzgibbons

“Matt Fitzgibbons is very knowledgeable about American history and he’s got good music.”
“Ron Edwards also announces that Matt Fitzgibbons will be guest hosting The Ron Edwards American Experience for four shows the week on April 4th.”

3/10/23 Tapp into the Truth: 1776 Nation & Patriot Music
“It’s just such awesome stuff. I love the story behind the creation of PatriotMusic as well because you have a man who’s a historian, who’s writing music that was just trying to tell the stories of history knowing that we just don’t get enough of that in general education and then being shut down and shut out by radio stations.”

11/21/22 Word Matters: The Spirit of Patriotism in Matt Fitzgibbons’ Music
“Music is not my daily cup of tea and mainly because I grew up in a different culture with different taste and musical sensibilities. Yet, when I hear music resonating with the inner voice of my spirit, it makes my day. Matt Fitzgibbons is one of the very few voices in American music that have touched my spirit with their tunes and words.” (Click for article)

3/24/23 Tapp into the Truth: Representing ME, the Mysteries of a Manhattan Indictment, & Patriot Music
“You are one of the best at what you do. I love every piece of music I’ve heard you do. I can’t even say that I have a favorite but if I had to pick one I’d have to settle for three cause that’s just how good it is!”

11/13/22 Axcess News: Matt Fitzgibbons Talks about Patriotism in Music
Matt Fitzgibbons has been emerging as a voice of patriotism in his music, creating both solos and albums in addition to live performances – all invigorating the audiences with the spirit of love for the country and its founding principles. Matt talks about his work and worldview in the following interview exclusively with AxcessNews.” (Click for article)

5/1/17 Constituting America: “2016 Contest Winner for Best Short Film Adult 25+”
Video: “Why the United States Constitution is Relevant Today” (Click for video)

12/27/16 Benjamin Rockwell: Computer Talk Radio (Nationally Syndicated)
Facebook Fake News Fact-Checking
Part 1.

Part 2.

12/27/16 Bill Martinez Live, FoxNews Radio (Nationally Syndicated)
Facebook Fake News Fact-Checking

Part 1.

Part 2.

12/24/16 Erskine Overnight (Nationally Syndicated)
“Matt Fitzgibbons was on last month and I was so impressed that I wanted to have him back on this last show we’re doing live for 2016 because he gives a historical perspective concerning our nation’s survival. He gives us hope. He gives us ways that we can restore our Republic. The latest albums “Pawns” (is an) incredible album. “Pawns” expresses the timeless ideals espoused by our founding fathers documents to help us regain our republic.”…”Get a copy of “Pawns”. That is a fabulous, fabulous album!”

12/16/16 Kevin Fox: KFIV, CA
“Go get Matt Fitzgibbons’ new CD and give it to your liberal-progressive friends!”
“Constitutionalist… Matt’s a pretty credible guy; knows what he’s talking about.”

12/8/16 Brett Winterble Show: KFMB 760 San Diego
“Great stuff! Check out his website!”

11/29/16 Dr. Carole Lieberman (Nationally Syndicated)
“Matt Fitzgibbons is the founder and publisher of Lot’s of great stuff on there. Thank you so much Matt… for what you’re doing to wake everybody up in America.”

11/19/16 Erskine Overnight (Nationally Syndicated)
“(On Matt Fitzgibbons’ music:) It’s absolutely fabulous!… Go up and look at Matt Fitzgibbons’ website. It’s time to restore patriotism to this country and be proud of it.”

11/01/16 Ann Ubelis, Southern Sense (National)
“Matt is a multi-talented award winning musician for a reason. His professionally laid down compositions express his knowledge of American history and his love of Country with lyrics that will have your chest swell with pride in our Nation. Matt’s latest album, “Pawns” will survive the test of time and continue him to gather new fans in the years to come. One listen and you’ll understand why!”

10/28/16 Gary Freeman, KGAB AM 650, WY
Should Anyone Trust The Election Results?”

10/28/16 Kevin Miller, KIDO, AM 580, Boise, ID
Should Anyone Trust The Election Results?”

10/25/16 JP Prichard, Impact Houston, AM 1070 KNTH, TX
Interview on current events

10/24/16 Tron Simpson, AM 740 KVOR, CO
Most Recent Presidential Election Polls
“I love talking to this guy.  Matt is quite the historian… And a heck of a musician too!”

10/24/16 Jimmy Lakey, FoxNews Radio, KCOL Morning Show, CO
Most Recent Presidential Election Polls

10/17/16    Dr. Gina Loudon, National (Video)

10/11/16 Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg Young, National
Discussion of the 2nd, 2016 Presidential Debate

10/10/16 The Alan Nathan Show, National
Discussion of the 2nd, 2016 Presidential Debate

10/01/16 Dr. Arthur D. Glover, LCDR, USN (Ret), Women’s Voice Magazine       Review of the New EP “Pawns”
“A closer review of Matt’s lyric writing and music performance indicates a high quality of professionalism and creativity. The production quality of the music is fantastic. He quotes one of my favorite heroes Patrick Henry, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” This song rocks with a Boston sounding lead guitar and can be an anthem for the Libertarian movement.”

9/26/16 Jimmy Lakey, FoxNews Radio, KCOL Morning Show, CO
The History of Presidential Debates

9/16/16 Jimmy Lakey, FoxNews Radio, KCOL Morning Show, CO
A lot of titles. We’ve enjoyed having him on the show the few times he’s been with us.”

9/14/16 Bill Martinez Live, FoxNews Radio, Nationally Syndicated
Constitution Day, 2016

9/2/16 Jimmy Lakey, FoxNews Radio, KCOL Morning Show, CO
“… check it out!”

8/7/16 David Campbell, Clarity from Chaos       Interview
“I think you will find his music and his articles fascinating and well worth your time.”

7/4/16 Jon Matthews, The Conservative Syndicate       Interview
“(He) has some really good videos.” | Remember the Americans: “It was a really nice piece of work.”
The Rain’s Coming: “When I watched the video, it really impacted me.” “I really enjoyed that song.”
“I really like (his) philosophy slant. God knows we need more of this.”

7/1/16 Rose Columbo and The Justice Club, Freedomizer Radio       Interview
“I strongly urge every American to share Matt Fitzgibbons’ patriotic music.”

6/27/16 Dan and Dave Show, America’s Web Radio
“We love what (he’s) saying. Download or order Matt’s music. It’s fantastic!”

6/22/16 Robert Jetter Jr., Bard’s Logic Political Talk Radio          Interview
“Wow! That’s powerful! (About “They Can’t Take That Away from You”)

5/20/16 Annie Ubelis, Southern Sense Talk Radio          Interview
“What few people know is that Matt Fitzgibbons is a Constitutional expert.”… ‘Entitled’: That’s a great album!”

12/15     2015 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition          Honorable Mention for “Eye of the Hurricane”

4/14     USA Emergency Broadcasting Network          USAEBN Seal of Approval

7/13     Liberty Bell Radio          Musician of the Month Award for July & August, 2013

7/15/13     KPMX FM (Sterling, CO)
“Musically, I love it! Secondarily, the theme, the message is something that more people need to hear.”

6/12/13    Political Candies           Interview
“He is just so incredibly smart. When it comes to the Constitution and the Amendments, (he) has a really unique ability to break it down in terms that everyone can understand.”

6/11/13     Defending the Republic          Interview
“(He) made a wonderful video on YouTube called “What Are Rights?“.”

5/13          Award
2nd Place: Protest Songwriting Contest 2013 (for “Whiskey”)

2/18/13     Peach State Politics with Pony Tail Patriot          Interview
 “I have not heard a single song on any of his albums that I don’t just absolutely love.”

1/25/13     Ultimate Music Mix          Website
“Matt Fitzgibbons (is) a true patriot, an American who believes in living right and being free. His songs have touched many with words that speak the truth about life itself.”

1/14/13     Peach State Politics with Pony Tail Patriot
“I can’t tell you enough how much it means to have music like (his) and to have that support. (He’s) just brilliant.”

1/7/13     WTNH Connecticut Style (Stage 8 Presents)          Television
“Matt Fitzgibbons loves to inspire people and has set out to rekindle America’s passion for our founding principles.”

12/9/12     DJ Nobby, Radio Wellenflug, Germany          Podcast/Radio
(Translation) “It’s really, really outstanding. Matt makes wonderul music. I find his music very beautiful.”

12/7/12     Bucephalus Media, VA           Article & Podcast
“The songs melt into a oneness. The more you listen to his pieces, the more entranced you will become. This man is not just an artist; he is a philosopher.”

11/28/12, TX           Article
“Thank you Matt for all you do for our Country!!! Your music is inspiring”

11/20/12     Common Sense Preparedness, AZ          Article
“His music moves you from pride to honor to laughter, and he can make you want to sing along. It’s no wonder he’s won two ASCAP awards and had songs featured in films.”

9/19/12    WHDD (NPR), CT          Interview
“It’s not political folks, it’s patriotic. ”

9/17/12     KPMX-FM (Sterling, CO)
“(He) writes volumes about our Constitutional rights and responsibilities”

6/10/12     TJ, MuseBoatRadio, AZ  
“(He is) quite talented. (His) songs are patriotic but not really political”

5/30/12     Mary Dunham King, MuseBoatRadio, AZ
“Great Music and Great Message, rarely do you find both, but Matt Fitzgibbons succeeds at it continually. Love to spin his tunes!!!”

5/25/12    Andy Rice, Program Director, KPMX-FM, CO          Interview
“In addition to the tasteful, tuneful and infinitely listenable tracks I’ve come to expect, “Entitled” has some downright tasty surprises. Production values are, as always, top-drawer.”

5/30/12     Kellie Lambert McGuire, Republican American, CT          Newspaper.PDF
“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Music”

5/25/12     Jack Coraggio, Litchfield County Times, CT          Newspaper.PDF
“The variety at which (Matt Fitzgibbons) can approach the music is impressive. (He’s) able to do melodic and poetic, and then something that’s a little like a sharp stick to the eye. Most musicians do one thing. It’s impressive that he can do so many.”

5/29/11     Republican American, CT          Newspaper.PDF
“Less concerned with the financial implications of giving away his hard work for free, he aims to inspire the masses to movement through his music.”

5/21/11     Register Citizen, CT          Newspaper.PDF
“He’s taking [his musical] talents and combining them with his non-partisan style of writing.”

4-18-08     Mainstream Libertarian: Blog Talk Radio

3-02-08     Mainstream Libertarian: Blog Talk Radio

12-07-07     Tom Monahan, Connecticut Newsmakers, CT NBC 30 (3-Time Emmy Winner)           Interview
“It’s super! It sounds terrific!”

10-09-07     Rollye James, The Rollye James Show (National)          Interview
 “I think that’s a great record. I think that should be a hit.”

8-24-07     Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, WI          Interview
“True American music to enlighten the masses .”

7-02-07     KPMX-FM (Sterling, CO)          Interview
“This is something that I think people will really appreciate… really enjoy!”

6-13-07     Citizen News (Sherman, CT)             Newspaper.PDF

1-11-07     Sally Jessy Raphaël on Talknet
“I think we ought to spread the word…. It’s really good and it does say something.”

12-21-06     Blog Critics (London, England)          Music Review
“The production and musicianship is first rate, a quality independent release.”

12-10-06     Sunday Republican (Waterbury, CT)          Newspaper.PDF

12-6-06     The Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT)          Newspaper.PDF
“[He’s] somehow managed to write patriotic music without its being hokey or Americana.”

12-1-06     New Milford Times (New Milford, CT)          Newspaper.PDF
“…a cross between folk and rock music, with a pointed message that is depicted in the poetic, strongly worded lyrics…”

11-14-06     KPMX-FM (Sterling, CO)          Interview
“This is a testament to what it is to be an American”

11-11-06     Emily Olson, News-Times (Danbury, CT)          Newspaper.PDF
“… the lyrics are combined with a dramatic mix of celestial soundscapes.”

11-11-06     Radio Free Liberty (Springfield, MO)
“It’s sending chills up my spine.”

9/16/05     WICC John Labarka (Connecticut)
“It went right through me! Whoa! Beautiful album. His sincerity cuts right through.”

10/08/05     Carol Moore: Vignette          Television
“What does the word “Patriot” mean?” (defined)

7/23/05     WPKN FM Glenn Hochstetter
“Touching… moving.”