Show #2 (12-17-2015) Guest: Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Patriot PubShow #2 of Patriot Pub (Thursday, December 17th) featured host Matt Fitzgibbons, co-hosts Toni Slate and D’Artis (Myth) and our special guest: Joe Bill Schirtzinger of Also, D’Artis “Myth” joined Matt on-air for the first time.

About Our Guest:

Joe Bill Schirtzinger has spent approximately the last twenty years of his life researching and experiencing mysticism in the modern world.

Joe Bill Schirtzinger
Joe Bill Schirtzinger

This quest was prompted by a near-death experience he had when he was 15. This journey has not been a straight line, but rather very many zig-zagged lines which included things in the “normal world” such as going to college to earn a degree in Internet Technology.

Along the way, he has learned much about ancient civilizations and how they believed and practiced. Where possible, he incorporates these beliefs into his own life. His main spiritual path is best described as Gnostic with heavy Kabbalistic overtones. He tries to balance this with many Eastern disciplines such as zazen and (not very frequently) yoga.

He is a Reiki Master, expert Tarot card reader, professional astrologer, and dream interpreter. He is likewise excellent at journeying and has a good grounding in Solomonic traditions.

Joe Bill has his own life coaching consulting business called “Hermetic Light Life Coaching” where many of his skills are offered beyond his jointly owned brick-and-mortar store.

He is a published author and has a book available in digital form on his website, entitled “How To Do Nothing Well: A Guide to Meditating”.

He is most recharged in nature–preferably near trees. His favorite activity in nature is fishing, even if the fish are reluctant to bite.

He co-owns a store in Princeton, Kentucky with his wife Melissa Sims called “Alchemy”, which specializes in products related to the above, along with the services indicated. Together, they have one bird, and one very needy black cat.

Joe Bill Schirtzinger’s Website:


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