Show #3 (2-25-2016)

Patriot PubShow #3 of Patriot Pub (Thursday, February 25th) featured host Matt Fitzgibbons and co-host Toni Slate.

Toni Slate: Talent Scout

Topic: Privacy in the Digital Age.
What a great show! Toni and I started with status updates. I  announced my recent Honorable Mention in the Song Door 2015 International Songwriting Contest for my soon-to-be-released song “Eye of the Hurricane” and I  let everyone know about my upcoming interview on WarriorTalkRadio on 3/15/2016.

I gave a synopsis of the DoJ’s recent court order to Apple Corporation demanding they write software to enable them access to the San Bernadino shooter’s phone and offered my view from a Constitutional perspective. Within a few minutes we got our first caller. By the end of the first half, we had 3 callers, which makes a total of 5 people (including Toni and I) simultaneously.

The conversation was so good, there was only time to play one song:
Freedom ©2006, Matt Fitzgibbons (ASCAP) From “Patriot 2” (Click link for lyrics)

The show met the goals of Patriot Pub perfectly. It really felt like 5 people sitting around a table in a warm and comfortable environment, drinking and waxing philosophically. As usual, we veered from the stated topic more than once, but we got back on track and offered our opinions of whether privacy will even be possible in the near future.


Patriot Pub is hosted by Matt Fitzgibbons, multi-award-winning songwriter, philosopher and historian. Since 2004, he’s been writing nonpartisan music to celebrate America’s Founding Principles and the men and women who defend them. (Click here for more on Matt) Talent scout Toni Slate co-hosts and brings fascinating creatives from around the world to the round table. (Click here for more on Toni)

Join us and bring your own drink! Callers are welcome during the live show at (347) 539-5154.

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