Premier of “Patriot Pub” and Pre-release Playing of “For the Heroes 2.0”

Live Online Show

8:30 PM

Premier of "Patriot Pub" and Pre-release Playing of "For the Heroes 2.0"
Featuring: Matt Fitzgibbons, Toni Slate, Rich Roger, etc.

Patriot-Pub-Logo-1Join me tonight on 11/10/15 from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm EST for the premier episode of my new show “Patriot Pub” and a special pre-release playing of my new song “For the Heroes 2.0” for Veterans’ Day.

In 18th century colonial America, the public house (or pub) was the epicenter of the American Enlightenment, where people went to have a drink, get their news, and engage in philosophical discourse. This led to the American Revolution and a wave of liberty reaching across the planet unlike anything else experienced in history. “Patriot Pub” is a live, unscripted show featuring a range of guests on everything from politicawww.PatriotMusic.coml philosophy to spiritualism with the goal of recreating the warm, friendly environment of the American colonial tavern and the dialectic that lead to some of the greatest ideas in history. Join us (and bring your own drink!) Callers are welcome during the live show at (347) 539-5154.
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Live Online Show