The Patriot Music Show

Show #1 date and time to be announced soon!
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The Patriot Music Show

Welcome to The Patriot Music Show, where intellectual minutemen come to train in philosophy, history and everything individual liberty.

The U.S. is made up of people from every culture on earth, yet we are united by a shared belief in our founding principles. In fact, it was these principles that have attracted immigrants since our Republic’s founding. We’ve been divided before, but each time, a knowledge of history has enabled us to defend ourselves against attacks on our individual liberty while we steadily progress towards these lofty ideals.

I’m Matt, philosopher, historian, song writer, and host of the upcoming  Patriot Music Show. For one hour every other Thursday at 7:00 p.m. EST, I’ll offer you the tools to defend your liberty with captivating historical presentations, fascinating guests and award-winning music. Callers will be welcome after the first half hour.

The Patriot Music Show is currently scouting for guests. If you’d like to be on the show, please contact us.